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raven thoughts blacken your mind [entries|friends|calendar]
ms thucker, martha

» like the body of a centerfold it spreads
» it's , exploding , bags , & , aerosol , cans.

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masterlist [Tue 13 Feb @ 8:38am]

this will be the writing journal of [info]hermsss


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deceit? [Tue 16 Jun @ 8:54pm]
In the dilapidated shack, domed ceiling, going miles upward until you can’t really see the topCollapse )
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hypothetical dreams [Wed 3 Jun @ 1:56pm]
i dream dreams about meeting people i know, dreams of
hypothetical deaths, dreams about people i haven't met but
have already fallen in love with. i dream of dreams coming
true and dreams of sorrow as well as dreams of inflicting
sorrow. lover dies, lover mourns. salty tears tasting all wrong
like acid searing skin off bone, H+ and OH+ coming together to
destroy (selfdestruct), bittersweet and lovesick. he wails my
name in the vacant bathroom his
twisted paperclip bones splintering skin
as he bounces it off dirty washbasin mirrors, to see
if it's still real.
but i have nothing left but starless eyes to show.
dreams simulated by white matter, substantia alba
ghosts of latin names haunting the
moon of my skull. sparks of electricity sear through
filaments of neuron, drowns itself splitting its own corpse
into two to fit in the double tear ducts before light
streams through the slips of your eyelids
but you just can't stop it from coming through.
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walking disaster [Tue 19 May @ 6:23pm]
walking disasterCollapse )
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Hypothesis: a play [Mon 6 Apr @ 3:02pm]
Hypothesis: a play

Act I Prelude

{The tap spurts on, water cascades and hits the tub with the deep rumbling you hear as it collides with the water already inside. [time: ] The tap turns off, followed with the sound of waves gushing back and forth tinkling (the sound water makes when it’s being disturbed). The tap drips, the rhythm erratic as it slows to a lazy pace of falling as the sound of breathing and faint scraping (shaving) accompanies.}

let's picture this.Collapse )

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Why Sophie Walker (werewolf) loves Charles Baltimore (zombie) [Sun 1 Mar @ 11:23pm]
.Collapse )
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darling money [Fri 13 Feb @ 8:47am]
In the dark, the banknotes rips viciously against my thumb, wafer light slices of fiber watermarked and embossed fortune trapped between my fingers. The dirty smell of money permeating the dark claustrophobic space. I can feel the way the molecules of fresh cash pushing up my nostrils, busting the blood-brain barrier.
A blood rush to the head, like it’s some kind of cash crack. Collapse )
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and i ask her, when since have you started to smoke? [Fri 13 Feb @ 8:39am]

Jessica Stanley: that goddamn retard. I mean Bella, not Varner. She’s got like, human bone meal in her cranium instead of grey/white matter. I talk to her and she’s dazed, eyes misted over looking at the ceiling fan (whir whir and blur), like she’s autistic. Her pupils dilates and I can see the grey stirred up mush through them, like her eyes are wrought iron gates and the shit’s starting to pool out between the iron laced bars.

She’s got like, human bone meal in her craniumCollapse )
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so long live the car crash hearts [Fri 13 Feb @ 8:36am]
Angela Weber (childhood friend): 4:23am in the morning so we won’t wreck the car in a head on collision, multiple-car pileup. Incinerated bodies with cause of death termed in fancy multi-syllable medical terms.

The sound the wind outside is making noises like its crushing our car into scrap metal or ripping up the night like some old jeans.Collapse )
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Joan of Arc/Desensitized/I want to watch the bomb blow the masses high

i want to watch the bomb blow the masses highCollapse )

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...like incipient wings [Sat 23 Feb @ 1:13pm]
He lets his fear and depression flood the room, and turns them into shades of gray skies, misty windows, caked blood, ragged scars, broken glass and the muddy quality of day-old coffee.
He’s invincible, but he doesn’t know it yet.
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