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Why Sophie Walker (werewolf) loves Charles Baltimore (zombie)

Why Sophie Walker (werewolf) loves Charles Baltimore (zombie)

Sophie M Walker (tag: MC126) loves Charles S Baltimore (tag: WF531) because whenever she’s near him she tries hard not to hyperventilate, and her chest starts to alternate rapidly between deep and shallow, deep and shallow like she’s going to burst with all her want and turn her shirt into scraps of tattered neon blue fabric (this is my favorite blue shirt; extract from cell0126 observance tape transcript), since obviously she’s trying hard not to transform again. You probably won’t know this, but when she turns away her eyes are dilating and her pupils are hardly even specks, just, plain globs of chemical greenness and the other, faux gold burnished rustiness. I saw it once, but it was just a flash, a brief snatch of it when she looked up to see if there was really someone throwing food at her. And it’s like, burning. She never transforms unless it’s full moon, but it’s like she’s the tide and Charlie’s the moon.

And you ask, how could a werewolf love a zombie? They are completely different species. Werewolves are frantic, restless, coal black furry and feverishly hot things (it’s so hot if you put your hand on one of them too long it’d just incinerate itself, bone and attaching flesh and sinew), known for their irrationalness and easy fixation on trivial, tiny objects. But zombies are on the other side of the planet, the whiteness as opposed to black. Being zombies are being perpetually piercingly cold with stark white skin and blank stares, being the oddballs that wear dirty hospital gowns that are like ghosts and just as soundless. I can’t even tell one apart from another. Though, it’s not like we have to, because they live in the faraway ends of the complex. But the thing is, Sophie’s love for Charlie’s like the way negative electrons are attracted to the positive pole. They are like magnets that collide together sparking the brightest flash that magnets are capable of, because they are just plain living analogy of a lock and key, in terms of cell activities (lab report #306: Yes, it’s logical. It’s physics. And biology. Just trust us) It’s the opposites that attract. Sophie is female, and werewolf. How feminine does that make her? I know. She’s like that, a living volcano with all that lava that shoots out ten feet high with this relentless youthfulness.

But how, but how? Do you know how the lab staff have soft spots for the zombies, these harmless, soft creatures? And everyday, when they’re done with their experiments and sizzling metal poles and needles they don’t cuff and cage them back according to the protocol, and they just let them meander off back into the complex to where they’re supposed to be. What the lab staff says is that the zombies are just so obedient, so brainlessly doing things they’re told to that there’s no point wasting all the calories in putting them back inside the metal boxes.

But I think, we think, the zombies are so cold it scares them, and it’s the way they shudder relentlessly like they have a built in vibrate function inside their papery on-the-verge-of-tearing gowns and yet adamantly refusing to wear socks or just, anything else, that's so heartbreaking about it. I don’t want to think what they have to do with to them in physical tests and stuff, under the flimsy garments. What’s inside. I don’t.

And when they meander off themselves, Charlie wanders off away from the line so he could drag out time, like he’s playing with the sand instead of letting it flow in the hourglass. Our camera obscuras catch him doing that every single freaking day, 6:31 pm sharp, walking through the stagnant unventilated scorching hellfires of Block Z Werewolf his tiny frame impossible to not spot because the white is so striking against the black nothingness behind him. He reaches out with his spidery fingers and graze them on everything within reach, as if to memorise how every notch every chipped corner and the powdery flaking paint of the walls feels, how the apparatus and sizzling chemicals feel searing off layers and layers of their skin. How the pain is white hot. It’s weird, but lab results say there are rebelling protein molecules that are growing in a separate helix inside their DNAs and now it’s not single, it’s quadruple, which, in a nutshell, means what he’s trying to do is just, feel. Because, otherwise their dominant emotions are just, numbness and indifference. You get what I mean.

Sophie has the cell closest to door, so when it creaks open she’d prick up her ears and listen, sinew and flesh all taut in position. And it’s like the full moon nights, when we go inside to take their blood samples with our tranquilizer guns and disinfectant smelling quarantine powder blue suits, the whole cells just roars and implodes into us and if you aren’t one of us trained personnels, you would’ve been too scared to breathe, and too dead to move. But when they’re gunned down with the barbiturate solution they just go slack and start being unbelievably sane, and it’s probably as close as a normal human being can be. Which says a lot.

Sophie had always been like that until that day, 160969, when Charlie wandered into Block Z with his stupid little magnetic tag that enables access to all areas of the complex.

We think Charlie has not yet registered such blaringly loud existence, hasn’t been aware of such intense attraction as zombies’ are known for their insignificant number of nerve endings embedded in their skin and other reception mechanisms (Zwikipedia: the main area of nerve occupation is the brain where the density of nerve cells exceeds every part of the body, which explains why zombies appear to be zoned out all the time. They live in their world). And again, in a nutshell, Sophie’s transformation symptoms might just be a tinny tiny voice amidst the static in Baltimore’s ears, a shadow behind the walls in the black and white broken television fuzz of his vision.

According to our lab assistants.

And we really hope we could trust them.

I know what’s the next thing you’re going to ask, what now? It is obvious that their genes had taken on a mutation, like Sophie Walker and Charles Baltimore, a mutual, synchronized change in their hormonal glands that enables cross species attraction. According to Gannets Mute technologies protocol no 66, all members of the laboratory staff are to be monitored in their daily activities 24/7 to prevent intervention from other mediums and conspiracy, and will receive data checks. As for our subjects, their outcome is to be discussed on a meeting of all members of the Gannets Mute Technologies Management.

Let’s just hope love is really a force of nature, nothing more.

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