June 3rd, 2009

hypothetical dreams

i dream dreams about meeting people i know, dreams of
hypothetical deaths, dreams about people i haven't met but
have already fallen in love with. i dream of dreams coming
true and dreams of sorrow as well as dreams of inflicting
sorrow. lover dies, lover mourns. salty tears tasting all wrong
like acid searing skin off bone, H+ and OH+ coming together to
destroy (selfdestruct), bittersweet and lovesick. he wails my
name in the vacant bathroom his
twisted paperclip bones splintering skin
as he bounces it off dirty washbasin mirrors, to see
if it's still real.
but i have nothing left but starless eyes to show.
dreams simulated by white matter, substantia alba
ghosts of latin names haunting the
moon of my skull. sparks of electricity sear through
filaments of neuron, drowns itself splitting its own corpse
into two to fit in the double tear ducts before light
streams through the slips of your eyelids
but you just can't stop it from coming through.